Keeping A Clean Home With The Help Of Your Kids [CD of the Southwest]
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Keeping your home clean can be a big task, especially in a home with kids. Things can get disorganized or dirty soon after you put in the effort to clean it up! You might consider involving your kids in chores or tasks that keep them busy and that help keep your house clean. Well at this point you might be shaking your head because you’ve already tried that plenty of times with no success. Even though this may be a touch task, with just a few tips and tricks you can keep your house cleaner and healthier with the help of your kids as well!

Set appropriate time limits

Giving kids a time limit to finish something can prevent them from putting it off for too long. You might consider telling them that they have to clean their bathroom or room in the next 30 minutes. This makes their job a race against time instead of a fight against you. If they don’t finish the task they might lose something that takes the same amount of time. On the flip side, when they do finish the task, you could give them a reward as an incentive for the next time. 

Get rid of distractions

Distractions are usually the main cause for a child not finishing their chores. Some distractions include, electronics, friends, or even sleeping. Whatever the case is, eliminating these distractions until the task is done will help your child know that they can still have fun and do what they really want to do once they are done with their chores!

Have a chore system

Doing chores can obviously get boring for a child. Doing the same job over and over can be even more boring! To fix this, have a system that switches jobs for each child frequently. If they are an only child still have them change jobs frequently to try new tasks that are different and maybe a little more exciting. This will also help them keep a routine which will keep them busy and productive. 

Keep the chores simple

Overwhelming chores can seem daunting. Simple tasks for smaller children can be a great time to teach them the expectations of doing chores without giving them too much. While they do these simple chores don’t expect perfection either! Even when they take much longer than you would or don’t do it how you would, it can be a fun and valuable experience for your children to learn how to do something new! 

You can’t do it all yourself

Some accidents happen in your home. Juice, mud, or nail polish might make marks in your carpet that are hard to get out. Even with all of your effort, or effort by your kids, it might just be stained. That’s why Chem-Dry is ready to serve you and your family with remarkable carpet and upholstery cleaning that removes even the worst of stains. 

You now know what to do to help your kids do their chores and keep your home healthier! But don’t forget to call us at Chem-Dry of the Southwest in Durango, CO and the surrounding areas when the task becomes impossible for you! Call now to learn more about our cleaning services and what we can do for you!