Stone, Tile and Grout Cleaning Service

Stone, Tile & Grout Cleaning Service in Cortez, CO

Stone, Tile, Grout Cleaning Cortez CO

In Cortez, CO we know life can get crazy. From running kids around, cleaning house, or bustling back and forth to work while juggling everything else. There is often not time to keep your home as clean as you'd like. The professionals here at Chem-Dry of the Southwest are here to help! People know we are the best carpet and upholstery cleaners in Cortez and the surrounding area, but many people don't know that we also do grout and tile cleaning, not to mention stone! We offer affordable pricing at flexible times convenient for you.  

Stone, Tile, Grout Cleaning Cortez COChem-Dry is NOT steam cleaning. Whether you've used a steamer like stanley before, or Doctor who pretends to know about rugs, The results you can expect from Chem-Dry of the Southwest will leave you dazzled. We use a soap free cleaning solution that uses the power of tiny carbonated bubbles to clean and lift dirt and other soils.  Our solutions safely restore your ceramic and stone tile to a like new condition.  Our grout treatment sanitizes and removes years of build up and gunk from the tiny pores, leaving your floor as brilliant as when they were first laid.  

Information about Cortez

Cortez is a historical city. It was first started in 1886 when settlers stopped in the Montezuma Valley.  They had a vision of this valley filled with crops and a new center for agriculture.  The city has had many ups and downs since then. There was an ebb and flow of people and financial success.  Eventually things stablilized in cortez in the 1960's as tourism to nearby Mesa Verde National park began to be a popular destination.  In addition to that, the United States government needed many people to manage the plentiful public lands in the county.  This created  a stable job market immune to the pranks of nature, which the aggricultural profiteers have trouble escaping.



Stone, Tile, Grout Cleaning Cortez CO


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