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When looking for the best carpet cleaning Montezuma County has to offer, look for Chem-Dry of the Southwest. An outstanding carpet cleaning experience is offered by Montezuma County professional cleaners at Chem-Dry of the Southwest. The Chem-Dry method is consistently getting better allowing you to anticipate the best carpet cleaning in Montezuma County CO. Fast drying carpets, a long lasting clean, and green certified materials are a few of the factors that illustrate how unique our technique is.

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You will have discovered your carpets are drenched for days following an appointment with some professional cleaning services in Montezuma County. With the proprietary Hot Carbonating Extraction method, we use 20% of the measure of water than other cleaning suppliers so your carpets will be dry after only a few hours. This tactic is ideal if you are searching for fast drying carpet cleaners in Montezuma County CO to help you go back to everyday life before long!

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The intense chemicals, shampoos, detergents, and soaps that a lot of professional carpet cleaners in Montezuma County incorporate will leave behind a sticky, dirt attracting deposit. A lot of these remains can be made more severe if the cleaning agent isn’t rinsed properly from the carpet fibers. Fortunately, Chem-Dry of the Southwest offers the deepest and most reputable carpet cleaning encounter because of the power of carbonation. Using the ideal amount of water, carbonation in place of unforgiving chemicals, and the appropriate temperature, your home is in the right hands! The bubbles in our solution will dive inside the carpet’s fibers to carry any dirt and soil to the surface for easy elimination. We can free your property of countless spots and stains utilizing this same method in a lot of situations.


Montezuma County green carpet cleaning is recognized by many. Chem-Dry of the Southwest can happily announce that our primary cleaning solution steers clear of harmful agents and is green certified. This green certification ensures that our solution is non-toxic, hypoallergenic, and completely safe. You won’t have to worry about your family or your pets if you use our services, even if they have allergies or other sensitivities! The smell of nice and clean carpets will remain once we have finished the task, not a powerful chemical stench!

Trust Chem-Dry of the Southwest in Montezuma County CO to clean your house with the most effective solutions. A cleaner, healthier home is merely a call or click away!


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